What is the ".XML.EPA" file attached to my feedback email?

When you submit data to the EPA Host System, you will receive a feedback email. The feedback email is sent to the person who submitted the data, the Designated Representative, the Alternate Designated Representative, facility contacts, and the EPA.

The feedback email includes two attachments:

-- your ECMPS feedback report, with the extension ".PDF".

-- a file with the extension ".XML.EPA".  This is a gzip-compressed file which includes the actual XML data file which you submitted to the EPA Host System. It is not a file that can be imported into the Client Tool, nor is it necessary for any purposes of the submission.  This file is included to meet EPA regulatory requirements for electronic submissions.  For more information, see the EPA website About CROMERR to learn more on the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation.

To view this file, you must first rename it, changing its extension from ".XML.EPA" to ".XML.GZ".  To rename the file, perform the following steps:

1) In the email, right-click on the file and click "Save As".

2) Navigate to the location on your local computer where you wish to store the file.

3) In the File Name box, replace the last letters ".XML.EPA" with the letters ".XML.GZ", then click Save.

4) Double-click on the file, and your local file compression utility will extract it and remove the final ".GZ".

5) Save the resulting .XML file on your local computer.

In some cases, the gzip file might be removed from the email by the company's email server. This does not affect the submission of the data, and it is up to the discretion of the company as to whether the file should be allowed in the email.


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Last update: 2016-06-23 17:53