Why have I not received an initial response from ECMPS Technical Support?

All emails sent to the ECMPS technical support email address receive an automatic reply which indicates that your email was received and your question has been added to the technical support ticketing system. The following are possible reasons that you did not receive an automatic reply to your email.

1. You sent it to the wrong email address. The address for technical support is ecmps-support@camdsupport.com . Verify that you sent your email to that email address.

2. The automatic reply was sent, but it was considered to be spam email. Check the spam folder in your email client to see if the automatic reply email is in that folder. Also, check with your IT staff to determine if the automatic reply was deemed to be spam by your company's email server or security software.

In order to prevent ECMPS support email responses from being treated as spam, work with your IT staff to have the email address ecmps-support@camdsupport.com added to the list of allowed email addresses for your email server and email client.


Tags: email, support

Last update: 2016-06-23 17:46