EPA Host




The EPA Host menu, located in the top left corner of the Client Tool screen, helps you control your connection to the EPA Host System.  To login to the EPA Host, choose the Login option under the EPA Host menu.  The Login screen will pop up and ask you for your CBS Username and CBS Password.  


CBS User Name and Password


Your CBS Password must be changed through the CAMD Business System. Your password must be changed at least every 90 days.  


If you are locked out of your account and cannot login to the Client Tool, you must reset your CBS password through the CBS website by following these steps:


1.  Open the CAMD Business System Login web page by clicking here.  


2.  Click the link "Forgot Password or Locked Out?"


3.  Enter your first name, last name, CBS User Name, and email address.  In addition, you must provide the correct answer to a challenge question.  


4.  Reset your password using the CBS Change Password webpage.


Synchronize Data


The Synchronize Data option under the EPA Host menu will synchronize the data in your Client Tool with that on the EPA Host.  Synchronization usually occurs when you login to the EPA Host, but you may wish to resynchronize at various times when you are already logged in.  You must be logged in to the EPA Host in order to use this feature.  


Update Service


You can use the Update Service to determine if you have the latest version of the Client Tool.  You must be logged into the EPA Host System to use this functionality.  


To check for updates to the Client Tool, perform the following steps:


1) Click the epa host menu on the top menu of the Client Tool.


2) Select update service from the dropdown menu.  (If this menu item is disabled, then you need to login to the EPA Host System.  To log in, click the login item from the epa host menu.)


3) When the ecmps update service window appears, click the check for updates button .


4) A message will appear in the window to indicate that an update is available or that your Client Tool is up to date.


5)  If an update is available, click the update button.


6) The update window will appear and you will be prompted to decide if you want to backup your databases prior to the update.  If you choose to backup your databases, you will be guided through the backup process.


7) When the update window reappears, click the perform update button.


8) If the update was successful, you will receive a congratulations message.  Click OK.


9) Close the update window.  


If you have any questions about updating your Client Tool, please contact Technical Support.


Tutorials:  To watch various tutorials that briefly explain some of the main aspects of the ECMPS Client Tool, visit the ECMPS Support website.


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