Purge Data


Use caution when purging data.  Performing a backup is recommended before and after purging data.


Purging data from your Client Tool database will permanently delete data from your local Client Tool database.  It is recommended that you backup your current database before purging data.  This functionality is designed to allow you to manage your local database by deleting unnecessary data.  Purging data from your local Client Tool database does not affect the data on the EPA Host System in any way.  You should perform a database backup before and after purging data.  Creating a backup after purging data completes the purge process.


To purge data from your Client Tool database, perform the following steps:


1) Close the Client Tool.


2) Create a database backup.


3) Navigate to start | all programs | ecmps| ecmps client| ecmps configuration utility


4) From the top menu of the ecmps client tool configuration screen, select maintenance | purge data.


5) In the purge data window, select a facility by clicking a row in the grid.  


6) Below the grid, select the data that you would like to purge using the radio buttons.  You can purge all data (the facility inventory, monitoring plan, QA, and EM data), or selected data (either all QA data, all EM data, or both).  For EM data, you must select a quarter in the dropdown box, which will delete that quarter and earlier data.


7) Click the purge data button.  


8) Create another database backup.  (Creating a backup of the database completes the purge process.  You may discard this backup.)



If you have any questions about purging data, please contact Technical Support.



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