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About ECMPS News

The ECMPS News is designed to provide the latest information about ECMPS. It can be viewed on the ECMPS Support website, delivered via email, and posted to web-based news readers through an RSS feed.


To subscribe to receive all ECMPS News via email, click the Subscribe link in the ECMPS News menu. You will be prompted to enter your email address and type a text phrase to prevent spam. After you click the Confirm Subscription Request button, you should receive an email to complete your subscription. Clicking the link in the email will complete your ECMPS News subscription. Note that your email address will only be used for ECMPS News updates.

To subscribe to the RSS feed, copy the following URL into your RSS Feed Reader -- -- or click the RSS icon in the footer of this page.


Labels are used to assign ECMPS News to categories. You can find labels at the bottom of each post. To view all posts associated with a label, click the label link. The label categories are listed in the right menu on the ECMPS News page.

Troubleshooting Subscription Problems
  1. To use the subscription service, pop-up windows must be enabled in your Internet browser.

  2. If you do not receive a confirmation email, the email from may have been marked as spam/junk. Look for the email in your Junk folder; the subject of the confirmation email is "Activate your Email Subscription to: ECMPS Support Website".

  3. If you are not receiving ECMPS News updates, contact ECMPS Support.