How can I determine if there is a problem with the EPA Host System?

If you experience login problems, there may be a problem with the EPA Host System.

To determine if there is a known problem with the EPA Host System, click on the Web link provided in the login error message to see the EPA Host System Status, or visit directly from the ECMPS Support web page I cannot login to the Client Tool.

The EPA Host System Status web page will be updated with current information about connection problems. These may be either planned outages or unplanned outages of significant duration.

Planned outages are announced in advance on ECMPS News. Significant unplanned outages are posted as they occur.

As posting is manual, it is not possible to post outages lasting only a few minutes. Every effort is being made to keep unplanned outages to a minimum.


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Last update: 2016-06-23 18:24