How should I number my QA tests under the new test numbering requirements?

Each QA test must use a test number which is unique for the location (unit, stack, or pipe) and test type (RATA, Linearity, Cycle Time, etc.).  Unique means unique for all time.  In other words, the test number for a linearity test for unit 1 in quarter one of 2009 can never be used again for unit 1 for a linearity test for any other quarter and any other year.

Like all other reported QA data, the test number is entered into the Client Tool via the data entry screens in the Client Tool or through importing an XML file into the Client Tool.  The Client Tool does not assign test numbers.  The EPA assigned test numbers were only given to historical data which was loaded from the legacy data system.  (See the FAQ, The test numbers for my QA tests have been renumbered. Why are the tests renumbered and what does that mean for reporting?, for more information about the EPA assigned numbers.)

The DAHS is free to employ any numbering scheme as long as it produces test numbers which are unique for the location and the test type for all time.


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Last update: 2016-06-23 19:32