When should the LME MHHI indicator be set to Y?


When using the Long Term Fuel Flow (LTFF) methodology to determine heat input, the MHHI indicator should be "Y" for any hour in which a fuel is combusted that cannot be measured using a long-term fuel flow system. In those hours, the hourly heat input will be based upon the unit’s maximum-rated heat input rate.

There are two situations where this may occur:

-- For fuels that are normally measured using tank drop measurements, it may be impossible to obtain an accurate tank drop measurement because the unit operated for a very short time or used a very limited amount of fuel.

-- For secondary fuels that are not measured by a long-term fuel flow system.

If either situation might ever apply, it is also necessary to define a Substitute Data Code of MHHI in the HIT method record in the monitoring plan.


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Last update: 2016-06-23 19:42