Why am I receiving emails about submission windows?

In ECMPS, the submission window refers to the period of time that emissions data can be submitted to the EPA Host System. By default, the submission window is the same as the reporting period (i.e., April 1 - April 30, July 1 - July 30, October 1 - October 30, and January 1- January 30).

A submission window can be extended for a resubmission or when a submission fails. Each time the submission window for a facility changes, the designated representative (DR) and/or other relevant personnel (e.g., ADRs and ECMPS submission agents) will receive an email notification.

At the beginning of the reporting period, notification is sent that the submission window has been opened. Ten days before the end of the reporting period, notifications are sent to submission agents of facilities that have not yet submitted emissions data. The day after the reporting period ends, DRs are notified if any of their facilities required a submission window extension either because they submitted with critical errors, or because they did not meet the regulatory submission deadline.

In addition, notifications are sent when submission windows are closed for requested resubmissions.


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Last update: 2016-06-23 17:54