I’m trying to import files and they get stuck loading.

If you are trying to import files and you can’t get past “Loading to Workspace Tables” in the Import Module, it is likely you don’t have the full permissions you need on your ECMPS directory.

A list of required user rights can be found on the Minimum System Requirements page.

To obtain the rights you need, you or your IT department should follow the procedure outlined below:

1. With the Client Tool closed, go to C:\Program Files

2. Highlight and right-click the ECMPS Folder

3. Select Properties from the options list

4. In ECMPS Properties, navigate to the Security tab

5. Select the Edit button



6. In the Permissions for ECMPS window, select your Windows username from the upper panel, and check the box next to "Full control" in the lower panel. (Note: if you can't find your username, it will need to be created) Apply and save the changes.



7. Re-open the Client Tool and try the import again

If you continue to have difficulty importing files, please contact technical support

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Last update: 2018-07-07 04:32