What are the Submission Status definitions?


                                                 ECMPS Submission Status Definitions

Data Type

Submission Status


Monitoring Plan,
QA, and
Emissions Data

Submission In Progress 

Data are in the process of being submitted. Check for an updated status later.

Submission Not Allowed

Fatal errors prevent the data from being submitted.

Monitoring Plan and
QA Data

Not Yet Submitted

New or updated data have not been submitted to the EPA.

Resubmission Required


Data were submitted with critical errors, or the EPA has requested that data be resubmitted for another reason.

Already Submitted

Data have been submitted without critical errors.

Monitoring Plan

Prior MP Not Yet Submitted

A monitoring location contained in the monitoring plan exists in another monitoring plan that began earlier and has a submission status of "Not Yet Submitted."

QA Tests

Need Permission to Resubmit 


Previously submitted QA tests require EPA permission to be resubmitted.  Contact technical support to request permission to resubmit. 

Emissions Data

No Submission Window

Emissions data cannot be reported because a monitoring plan has not been submitted for the location.

Submission Window Not Yet Open

Emissions data cannot be submitted until the next quarterly reporting period begins.

Submission Window Open 

Emissions data can be submitted.

Resubmission Window Open


A request to resubmit emissions data was granted; data can be submitted while the resubmission window remains open.

Resubmission Window Closed

A request to resubmit emissions data was granted, but the resubmission window expired before data were submitted.


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