I'm trying to submit but am running out of time. What can I do?

1.  Use all resources available. If you submit a technical support request in the last few days of the submission period, it is unlikely you’ll receive a resolution before you need to submit. There is most likely a number of others ahead of you and priority is given in order of request. While you should still send in your request, you should also review the substantial resources available, including the Client Tool Help and the ECMPS Support website. The website includes, among other things:

--Known Issues

--ECMPS Support News

--ECMPS Tutorials

--Frequently Asked Questions

--Reporting Instructions

2.  Don’t stress over errors which don’t prevent submission. The goal, of course, is to submit emissions data without critical errors. However, the only errors which prevent you from submitting your data are Critical Level 1 errors. Critical Level 2, Non-critical, and Informational Messages do not prevent you from submitting. If you don’t have Critical Level 1 errors, you’re ready to submit. The other errors and informational messages can be addressed during the resubmission period.

3.  Submit with critical errors. If you can’t get an evaluation without Critical Level 1 errors, use the “Submit with Critical Errors” option in the Submit Module. Your data will be submitted to the EPA Host System, and you will meet the regulatory deadline for submission. However, you will need to address the evaluation errors and submit without critical errors as soon as possible after the submission period ends. Data submitted with Critical Level 1 errors are not added to the official EPA Host System database, but stored simply as XML files.




4.  Communicate with EPA. If you are running into technical problems, let your EPA Analyst(s) know by emailing or calling.

5.  Email your XML files. If you’re unable to import your data into the Client Tool at all, or if your Submit Module is not working, you can email your data to EPA. This should be reserved for a worst-case scenario. While this will meet the regulatory deadline, you will still be required to submit data without critical errors as soon as possible after the submission period ends.

Email instructions:

  • Email To: ecmps-support@camdsupport.com & your EPA Analyst(s)
  • Subject: Example: 2013 Q1 ORIS 4567 Emailed XML Files
  • Attach: .XML file(s). IMPORTANT: If zipped files, for security reasons you must rename these with an extension other than .ZIP for it to be delivered by the EPA mail server.
  • Files emailed before the last day of the reporting period must include an explanation as to why the files are being sent prior to the last day.


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